Adam Johnson

My Bio... I have been taking pictures since my early youth with film through now to digital, visually exploring life’s moments.

It's not very often I've not got my camera in my hand, to tell a story with that perfect image. Photography is a lifestyle, you eat, sleep and drink it and You are consumed by it. Searching for that image that nobody else has captured.

It is often said that a photographer is never satisfied with an image, always seeing room for improvement. As such Adam is still on that quest, always
Enthusiastic, always looking for that new angle, always giving the client that special image to help them stand out from the crowd.

Adam is based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, and is a self schooled and photography institute photographer, versatile in style with a natural eye for colour,tone and composition. His work reflects an inimitable ability to get inside a subject and explore the inner workings and intricate aspects and deliver an accurate interpretation of mood, environment and emotive balance through his images.

Whether large or small scale shooting, Big, Medium, Small Budget, We will work with you to make shooting worth while. Feel free to call, use contact page for details, thanks for popping by.

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